Alice Cooper – Poison


“Poison” is a song by American rock musician Alice Cooper. Written by Cooper, Desmond Child, and John McCurry, the song was released worldwide as a single in late-1989 from Cooper’s eighteenth album, Trash (1989). The song was one of Cooper’s biggest hit single. “Poison” is one of Alice Cooper’s best known songs.

There are three versions of the video to the song, one of which shows Alice Cooper being chained to a bizarre mechanism and singing while a ghostly woman looms over him. The original video had to be censored for showings during the day, due to shots of model Rana Kennedy topless (Rana Kennedy plays the roles of both women in the video). The portions in question were redone with her wearing a corset to cover her breasts.

A final third cut utilizes alternate takes of Alice during the final refrain of the song, leading to the end (this version seemed to receive the most airplay on MTV). The aesthetic of the video borrowed heavily from the Hellraiser movies, which were very popular at the time. The studios in which the video was filmed in spring of 1989 have since been torn down and are now a parking lot in Los Angeles. The video is still often played on VH1 Classic’s Metal Mania.

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