How To Listen Our Radio

I love Heavy Metal is a internet radio that streams 24/7 heavy metal music mostly from ’80-’90, the golden era of heavy metal music.


You can listen our radio on your PC on our website or you can download file so you can listen our radio on any media player. Direct download >here<.

On Phone

Our radio player do not working when a users enter on our website from mobile phone. You can either try via mobile web browser our you can install radionomy app where you can find our radio. You can also find us on nRadio all or on this link – here.

I love Heavy Metal is a radio that is hosted on radionomy. Our host is blocked in some country and here is the list:
These countries ARE GEO-BLOCKED:








Russia (except a few areas)

countries that were formerly part of Yugoslavia
and few weeks ago USA is in this list.

Listeners in affected countries have other options.

If u still want to listen our radio, all you have to do is to change your ip, you can us a app called “Hide my IP”.

Listeners can also download Opera web browser. The browser has a built in VPN service and listeners can choose what country to use.

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