Ozzy Osbourne – No More Tears

“No More Tears” is the fifth song and title track on the 1991 Ozzy Osbourne album of the same name. With a running time of 7:23, it is the longest solo song that Osbourne has ever recorded on a studio album. Osbourne considers this song to be “a gift from God”, as stated in the Prince of Darkness liner notes.

The video features a woman in distress locked up in a room and chained to a chair as she drowns in her own tears.

In the 2002 remaster booklet for the No More Tears album, Osbourne stated that the song was about a serial killer.

The song was redone by guitarist Zakk Wylde as a bonus track on the second reissue of the Black Label Society album Sonic Brew. A shorter edited version of this song was released to some radio stations.

The music video was shot to accommodate both the album version and the edited version of the song. Some channels played the full-length video, and others played the shortened version.

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